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Shasta Danielle

Tooth Gem Kit - No Course

Tooth Gem Kit - No Course

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SHASTA DANIELLE offers an extensive Tooth Gem Training Kit which includes everything you will need and more, to start your Tooth Gem Business. There are enough disposable products in the kit to service 5 clients and your liquids will last you even longer.

PLEASE NOTE: This Does Not Include Training

Products Listed below Are Included In Your Kit: 

100 x Black Disposable Micro Swabs

90 x Cotton Rounds

25 x Swarovski Tooth Gems (Assorted Colors)

10 x Syringe Tips 

5 x Plastic Lip Retractors 

5 x Vitamin E Swabs

5 x Oral Brush Ups

5 x 70% Alcohol Swabs 

5 x Dental Masks

5 x Dental Bibs

5 Pairs x Non Latex Gloves

1 x Dental Etch 

1 x Dental Bond

1 x Dental Flowable 

1 x Safety Glasses

1 x Dappen Dish

1 x Vaseline 

1 x Bib Clip 

1 x Tooth Practice Model

1 x Small Tooth Gem Container 

1 x Tooth Gem Wax Pencil 

1 x Wireless LED Curing Light


*These products are recommended for residents of Canada*

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