About Shasta Danielle

Hi babes, My name is Shasta and I am the creator and owner of Shasta Danielle. I am a retired Level II Dental Assistant and have worked in the dental profession for 14 years. While I absolutely loved my dental career I still felt I was meant for bigger things. I decided to take the leap out of the dental profession 4 years ago and into the world of Beauty. While change is always scary and unknown I haven't ever had a regret about my decision. I want others like me to always strive for their best selves and to do things that maybe once they never thought they could do. In saying this, I have a lot of knowledge and education with dental anatomy and am able to provide you with all the tools you will need to complete this course and carry out this service with confidence and ease. Thank you for your interest in learning with Shasta Danielle and feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions. Feedback is also very much welcomed. Just one more amazing thing to add about Shasta Danielle is, you will have lifetime access to the course information and continual support throughout. This course is entirely self-paced so take as long as needed to become familiar and comfortable with this content. 

Happy Learning!

Shasta Danielle xo